Program Description

Cross Country

Session Dates

Session 4A - August 6 through August 10.

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  • Age Level:

    Girls and boys entering grades 6 through 10.
  • Tuition:

    $700 per session. Lunch is included.
  • Director:

    Jude Massillon. Coach Jude Massillon, an accomplished ex collegiate and pro-athlete, is one of only 2 Nike-rated trainers in the New York metropolitan area. Coach Massillon is currently responsible for instituting training and dietary standards, preparing rehabilitation programs and creating injury treatment strategies for 19 international track and field athletes. He has trained athletes such as World and Olympic champion athletes. Coach Massillon is the former owner of ProPrep Football, where he successfully placed 43 players in the 1st round of the NFL draft over a 10 year period.

    In addition to earning an M.S. degree in Exercise Science and NYS Paramedic Certification, Coach Massillon is also a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with the National Strength & Conditioning Association and a Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) with the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Coach Massillon is also a contributor to STACK magazine and the author of The Athlete’s Body Within.

    • 17 years as a professional Track and Field coach with 38 National Champions from 16 countries• Trained medalists at every level of Track and Field from High School and NCAA to the Olympics• 166 All-American High School athletes in 6 different sports.•Nike Rated as one of the top 50 trainers in the USA.• Certified in Muscle Activation Techniques • MAT • Accredited by: ACSM • AFAA • NSCA • IFA • ACE • IAAF • NIKE SPARQ
  • Program Description:

    Train like the Pros! The beauty of cross country is that it's you against not only the competition and yourself, but also Mother Nature. We will help you understand pacing, conditioning, strategy and most importantly maximize running efficiency through proper form running. 
    Over a variety of surfaces -- from dirt and grass to mud and asphalt to gravel and everything in between -- you'll find sharp turns, short steep hills, long cantered sections, logs to jump, creeks to cross, bridges to negotiate, all combining to constantly disrupt your rhythm much more so than a race run on an even, flat surface.While learning what your optimum effort should be, and teach your body to maintain it, with training tailored to the demands of cross country racing
    This is the ultimate training week